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This website acts as a 'one stop shop' for biodiversity information in Derbyshire and the Peak District. There are links to related websites in the Region and across the UK, too.
Plant surveyingDerbyshire's biodiversity is something that should interest everyone. Wildlife gives character to the landscape; attracts tourists to our region, and gives us many essential services such as crop pollination and control of pests. Without action to protect and enhance local biodiversity, our county will become poorer in so many ways. 
It is not just large organisations and landowners that can make a contribution. Individuals can help, too. You can make a difference by reporting sightings of important species, by joining local wildlife groups, or simply managing your piece of land or garden in a more sensitive, wildlife-friendly manner.  Putting up nest boxes or sowing nectar-rich flowers to attract butterflies to your garden are just a couple of 'actions' that almost anyone can take to support their local biodiversity.
This website provides resources on Derbyshire's biodiversity and the various Action Plans in place to guide the work needed to protect it.
Notice:  The Lowland Derbyshire Biodiversity Action Plan (2011-2020) remains an active and relevant document, used by many local authorities and stakeholders.
However, funding to maintain this site and for its Biodiversity Project Officer will cease in 2017.
Key documents from this site will shortly be transferred to Derbyshire County Council's website.
The News and Newsletters and Updates section provides information about recent progress.
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Nature Conservation Information:
The document below provides details of all known sources of nature conservation information in Derbyshire.
Download the document .... right-click link, choose "Save Target As" to save to your computer
Conservation Information in Derbyshire (March 2009) (327 Kb)
Volunteering in Conservation:
Below is the full report on conservation volunteering put together by the Volunteer Centres
Download the document .... right-click link below and choose "Save Target As", and save the form to your PC.
Volunteering for Wildlife Conservation (2009) (365 Kb)


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