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Jan 08, 2015Derbyshire Biological Records Update
Status update.
Nov 06, 2014Biodiversity News update
The Autumn/Winter 2014 issue of Biodiversity News was emailed directly to partners and is now available for download from the news section of the website
Jun 05, 2014LNP Page updated
Page content reduced following new LNP website going live.
Aug 18, 2013Biodiversity News update
The summer 2013 Issue of Derbyshire Biodiversity News is available for download from the News section of the website.
Oct 22, 2012Winter 2012 newsletter out now
The winter 2012 issue of Derbyshire Biodiversity News is now available to download from the news section of the website
Sep 28, 2012Local Nature Partnerships
Updates and documents following government's formal recognition of the Lowland Derbyshire & Notinghamshire LNP.
Aug 03, 2012New Look Derbyshire Biodiversity Newsletter
After an enforced break your Derbyshire Biodiversity Newsletter is back with a new look to reflect more closely the appearance of the Lowland Derbyshire LBAP. Please let us know what you think of it, and how useful you find it.
Jul 03, 2012Local Nature Partnerships
New section added to website. Reports of LNP workshops and applciation to DEFRA uploaded.   

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