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There are more than forty species of mammal that have been recorded in Derbyshire. Details of these can be found on the Derbyshire Mammal Group website.

There are four badger groups that work in Derbyshire: 
The Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group work with bat roost owners and record bat populations.
If you have an issue with bats ring the Bat Helpline on 0870 833 9212.

BAP Species

A number of UK and LBAP Priority Biodiversity Species have been recorded in Derbyshire:
  • Brown long-eared bat
  • Brown hare
  • Dormouse
  • Harvest mouse
  • Hedgehog
  • Mountain hare (Peak District BAP area only)
  • Noctule bat
  • Otter
  • Pine martin
  • Polecat
  • Soprano pipistrelle bat
  • Water vole 

There are Species Action Plans for the Water Vole in both the Lowland Derbyshire and the Peak District LBAPs.

Download the document .... right-click link below and
choose "Save Target As", and save to your computer
Lowland Derbyshire Water Vole SAP (30 Kb)

In addition:

Otter, water vole and bats are listed as local flagship species in the Derby Greenprint. Water vole and bats are listed as local flagship species in the Chesterfield Greenprint. Water vole, bats and brown hare are listed as local flagship species in the Bolsover Greenprint.

Mammal Projects

There are a number of specific mammal surveys and projects in Derbyshire

Derbyshire Mammal Group

The Derbyshire Mammal Group record and monitor mammal populations.


Mammal Records

Please send all mammal records to Debbie Alston, the County Mammal Recorder [].



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