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Sites with Wildlife Designations

Wildlife Sites

Local Wildlife Sites are sites that contain important habitats or support BAP or locally uncommon or rare species.

The Local Wildlife Sites system operates throughout Derbyshire outside the Peak District National Park. It is run by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust on behalf of the local authorities. The Trust employs two Wildlife Sites Officers who administer the system, survey sites and liaise with owners.

Each Local Authority has a Local Wildlife Sites Register listing the Local Wildlife Sites within that local authority and their particular wildlife interest. There are in excess of 1,200 Wildlife Sites in Derbyshire.
Unlike Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), Local Wildlife Sites do not have legal protection. They rely upon the good will of the land owner or manager to manage them appropriately. They do, however, have some degree of protection through the planning process.

The Derbyshire Local Wildlife Sites Handbook contains information of designation and procedures as well as the selection guidelines for Local Wildlife Sites. Click here for downloadable sections of the handbook.

For further information about Local Wildlife Sites contact Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

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