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Derbyshire Biological Records Centre

Derbyshire Biological Record Centre is now hosted by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.† All record enquiries for consultant purposes should now be addressed to Ann Hall at Derbyshire Wildlife Trust 01773 881188 or to

More specialist enquires could also be made to the various local recording groups in Derbyshire such as the Derbyshire Bat Conservation Group, Derbyshire Ornithological Society, Derbyshire Mammal Group, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Entomological Society, Derbyshire Amphibian and Reptile Group. All of these groups have their own website with appropriate contact details.


The Derbyshire Biological Records Centre (DBRC) was operated by Derby Museum and Art Gallery from the1970s until March 2011, when its Natural History Department was axed because of severe funding cuts. DBRC began computerising its data holdings in 1993 with the introduction of RECORDER software. Its focus was always on species records (predominantly vascular plants and non-avian vertebrates), whereas the Wildlife Trustís priorities were mainly site-based, especially in maintaining the countyís Local Wildlife Sites system.

DBRCís database of over 850,000 records has not been lost. A copy was transferred to Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, although original paper records and voucher specimens remain at Derby Museum. Plant data collected over many decades as part of its project to update The 1969 Flora of Derbyshire will become available in 2015 with the publication of a major new edition of the Flora of Derbyshire.


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