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The Peak District LBAP

"A Living Landscape - Biodiversity Action Plan for the Peak District" is a LBAP covering the White Peak, Dark Peak, and South West Peak Natural Areas, both inside and outside the Peak District National Park. It also covers those parts of High Peak Borough lying outside these three Natural Areas and outlying lead rakes around the Ashover area.

The Peak District LBAP has 15 Habitat Action Plans:-
Upland ashwoods
Rush pasture
Upland oak/birchwoods
Lead rakes
Wet woodlands
River corridor habitats
Parkland and veteran trees
Limestone dales
Limestone heath
Hay meadows
Blanket bog
Unimproved pastures
Heather moorland
Rough grazing
And 7 Species Action Plans:-
Water vole
White-clawed crayfish
Appleyard's feather moss
Derbyshire feather-moss
For more information about the Peak District LBAP visit their website.

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