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Ecological and distribution information on woodland habitats in Lowland Derbyshire can be found in the 'Woodland habitats in Lowland Derbyshire' document on the Lowland Derbyshire LBAP page. Information on woodlands in the Peak District can be found in the relevant Habitat Action Plans and on the Peak District National Park website.
The following habitats are recognised as UK and have been translated into LBAP Habitat Action Plan (HAPs).

UK BAP Priority
UK Broad habitat type
Lowland Derbyshire LBAP
Peak District LBAP
National Forest BAP
Native Woodland
Lowland Broadleaved mixed woodland HAP
Upland Ashwoods HAP
Upland oak/birchwoods HAP
Ancient Woodland HAP
Plantation Woodland HAP
Wet Woodland
Wet Woodland HAP
Wet Woodlands HAP
Wet Woodland HAP
Lowland Wood Pasture and Parkland Lowland Wood Pasture and Veteran Trees HAP Parkland and Veteran Trees HAP Lowland wood pasture and parkland with mature trees HAP

In addition woodlands, parkland and veteran trees are identified as a priority habitat in the Bolsover, Chesterfield and Derby Greenprints.

Bluebells in Chaddesden Wood
The following BAP species are associated with woodland habitats: 
  • Oak Polypore
  • Spotted flycatcher
  • Nightjar
  • Dormouse
  • Bats
  • Square-spotted clay (moth)
  • Common fan-foot (moth)
  • White-spotted Pinion (moth)
  • Hairy Wood ant
  • Shining Guest ant 
Wild garlic
There are two main grants which are available to landowners to create and manage woodlands: 



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