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Businesses have a great deal of influence over air and water quality, land development and resource use. Now is the time for every business to take real and positive action towards a more sustainable way of working that is in balance with the natural world. Getting involved in the BAP process is one way in which businesses can achieve this.
Businesses can benefit biodiversity in the following ways:

Planning for biodiversity
  • Develop a biodiversity policy or statement to confirm your commitment to biodiversity
  • Produce a company or site Biodiversity Action Plan or undertake a Biodiversity Audit
Operating for Biodiversity
  • Incorporate biodiversity into Environmental Management Systems to ensure that negative impacts on biodiversity are minimised and positive ones maximised. Become accredited to the Wildlife Trust's Biodiversity Benchmark or ISO14001
  • Use environmentally responsible suppliers, or support and encourage businesses in your supply chain to move towards more biodiversity-friendly operations
  • Minimise the environmental impacts associated with any emissions to air, land or water, and the production of waste. Reduce, re-use and recycle where possible
  • Implement energy efficiency measures which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and the rate of depletion of natural resources
Managing landholdings to benefit biodiversity
  • Plant native trees and wild flowers even if this is only in hanging baskets
  • Create or restore priority habitats
  • Install bird and bat boxes, lacewing and hedgehog hotels, or even frog lodges!
  • Undertake wildlife surveys on your land
  • If landholdings are recognised as Local Wildlife Sites, ensure that the management of the site maintains its wildlife value
Undertaking biodiversity-friendly development
  • Ensure that all new development or restoration safeguards existing features of conservation value, creates new areas of habitat wherever possible and addresses the need for long term management
  • Always consider natural regeneration of vegetation before using planting schemes
  • In all new developments consider the use of Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDs)
Supporting biodiversity work
  • Hold 'Green Days', 'Green Weeks' or even 'Green Months' as a means to raise employee awareness, encourage employee involvement in biodiversity work, implement biodiversity related projects, launch company or site BAPs, etc.
  • Provide funds, other resources or in-kind support to voluntary conservation organisations or to local community groups for biodiversity activities and projects
  • Become a corporate member of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust
  • Become a species or habitat champion or adopt your nearest nature reserve
  • Join local biodiversity partnerships
  • Encourage employees to volunteer with local conservation organisations, release employees to work on local conservation projects, or arrange organised days (team building etc). This can bring benefits to employees, employer and conservation organisation
Visit the Business and Biodiversity Website to find out more.
More information is available on some information sheets produced by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust click here to download them.
Business and Biodiversity factsheet 1.pdf (386KB - 2 pages)
Business and Biodiversity factsheet 2.pdf  (400KB - 2 pages)

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