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Interesting publications

The Birds of Derbyshire by Roy Frost was published in 1978 and was the first definitive book on Derbyshire's birds for over 80 years.  Extensive field work has been carried out by Derbyshire Ornithological Society in recent years with a view to publish a revised atlas. Derbyshire Ornithological Society publish annual bird reports.
A Flora of Derbyshire was published in 1969. Field work has been carried out in the last few years with a view to publishing a new flora in the next few years. Some data can be seen at the Derbyshire Flora online website.
Wildlife Site Registers
During 1982/3 a survey of the County, outside the Peak District National Park, was undertaken. It recorded the locations of woodlands, wildflower meadows, rivers, streams, ponds, marshes and other habitats of interest for wildlife as well and arable fields. From this information the Derbyshire Biological Sites Register was published in 1984, listing non-statutory sites of county, district and local wildlife value. This has been altered in to the Derbyshire Wildlife Sites System over the year and is not administered by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. Wildlife Site Registers have now been produced for every local authority area in the county, outside the Peak District.
Sorby Publications
In the 1980s the Sorby Natural History Society produced two important books - the 'Natural History of the Sheffield area' and 'A Flora of the Sheffield Area - Two Hundred Years of Plant Records'. Together these two publications document the known natural history of the Sorby area, which includes the Peak District and much of north east Derbyshire. The former includes sections on many of the invertebrate orders and the latter includes historic records. Sorby produce an annual journal and adhoc publications, for more information visit the Sorby website.
Red Data Book
Working with the county recorders and other county experts the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust published the county red data book 'Endangered Wildlife in Derbyshire' in 1996. This book formed a very important audit in preparation for the Local  Biodiversity Action Plans in Derbyshire. 

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